Motoric, sensoric and emotional support for your child's development. 



Sooth the Crying, Sleeping, Rolling, Creeping, Crawling, Sitting independently, Getting up and Sitting down, Standing free, Walking.

With the help of the First Step method these topics become easier to reach. Come join a workshop or book a private lesson – for a happy and healthy life.

The first year of life carries a great importance in a child's learning and future growth. During this time, parents have the unique opportunity to accompany their child in his first steps in life. Enormous developments, which are decisive in the child's future life take place during this phase. Contrary to animals whose sensory system and motor functions are fully developed at birth, babies reach their full development after birth. Hence, the comforting feeling of protection of the womb is crucial for them to feel secure.


Moreover, their development significantly benefits when their senses and motor functions are actively stimulated, which also carry a great deal influence on their cerebral maturation. In the lessons I show you how easily this can be done.


The method offers a holistic approach and sees the parents as a significant factor contributing to the development of a child. It is structured in a way which sees the infant undergoing one developmental step at a time, without missing out one. Regardless of participating in a workshop or coming for a private lesson, the focus stays the same: stimulating your baby's senses, motor skills and nervous system to ensure the smooth flow of his development.

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