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Child-friendly – holistic – atachment-oriented.

Im Zentrum der Schlafberatung nach 1001kindernacht® stehen die individuellen Bedürfnisse aller Familienmitglieder, die Entwicklung und Reife des Kindes und der Aufbau der Eltern-Kind-Bindung.

In the focus of sleep counseling according to 1001kindernacht® are the individual needs of all family members, the development and maturity of the child and the development of parent-child bonding.

My child can not sleep alone ...

... because it still has to learn to fall asleep well even if mom and dad are not with him. This is a very sensitive process that requires relaxation and trust. I'll show you how your child can acquire both.

My child does not sleep through ...

... because early sleep-through is not in the interest of its development. The frequent awakening is not a mistake of nature, but a useful device. I'll show you how your nights still can be relaxing.

My child only falls asleep on the brest ...
... because there it can relax so well. There is no reason to replace falling asleep on the brest with another sleep-in ritual – unless you want that. Then I support you and your child in this process.


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