Move to Smile

This is my core message to you and you can join that smile when you come to me with your children. Life is movement and the more confident and more flexible this movement is, the happier the person is.

Wer ein sehr gutes Gleichgewicht hat, kann auf einem Baumstamm über eine Schlucht balancieren. Das ist einleuchtend. Weniger offensichtlich ist, dass Babys mit einem schwachen Gleichgewicht Angst haben zu Rollen. Doch Rollen ist die erste selbständige Fortbewegung. Deswegen ist es immens wichtig, das Gleichgewicht von Anfang an zu stärken. Dabei geht es nicht darum, Zirkusartisten auszubilden. Wer ein gutes Gleichgewicht hat, steht besser im Leben, hat mehr Selbstvertrauen und ein stärkeres Selbstbewusstsein. Dieses Kind bringt so leicht nichts aus dem Gleichgewicht.

Someone who has a very strong vestibular system, can balance on a log over a gorge. That's obvious. Less obvious is that babies with a weak balance are afraid to roll. But rolling is the first independent locomotion. That's why it's so important to strengthen their balance right from the start. It's not about training circus artists. Who has a good balance, has both feed on the ground, more self-awareness and a stronger self-confidence. This kid won't be thrown out of balance easily.

First-Step lessons are worthwhile attending right after birth. Here you get a lot of security and valuable tips for dealing with your newborn. You will learn what the various reasons for crying can be and how to calm your little sweatheart. Why the prone position is so important for further development and how you can support the child to lie comfortably on the stomach. You will learn how your child can reach every milestone of development with pleasure from here: rolling, creeping, crawling, sitting, standing, etc. Also, stomach pain and the handling of frustration are topics to which you get answers.

Early-Elki is parent-child gymnastics for children from the time they crawl until about 2 years. I founded it, because during the time of crawling until free running enormous developments happen. You can help your child build a solid foundation on which to rely for a lifetime. In the gym lessons, you'll learn how easy and important it is to show children how to overcome obstacles themselves, how to become self-reliant, and how to support the separation process with love – free from fear. Your children make first friends and for you it's a happy place for communication.

Clever & Fit - exercise makes you smart! These gym lessons are about strengthening the executive functions. For the kids it's just fun gymnastics lessons that make them physically and mentally fit. In a playful way their ability to concentrate, to solve conflicts and to prioritize, to overcome obstacles and to achieve goals improves. They get a better body awareness which leads to more self-confidence. This makes them strong, proud, safe and mitigates - if available - aggression.

Photo shoots were part of my previous work as a graphic designer. For good photos, the interaction between photographer and model is enormously im

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