Answers to questions about movement, sleep and emotions.


Move2smile offers mothers and fathers: Developmental support concerning movement, sleep and emotions. Security and valuable tips for dealing with your newborn. "Early-ElKi" parent-child gymnastics for kids from crawling age to approximately 2 years. Sleep consulting according to the concept of 1001 kindernacht®. Baby photo shootings and more.

For healthy baby development and building a trusting and happy parent-baby/child relationship.



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The flyer «Less crying», which our midwife gave us, made us aware of Heike Joas. At the lecture on the topic "crying" we could take home some simple but extremely valuable tips for us. So that our evenings with a few weeks old baby were much more relaxed. We have often said to each other: "we should have known that from the beginning".

Since then, we have been attending weekly "gym lessons" with Heike Joas with our daughter. First-Step courses for babies, later "early Elki" gym lessons. Our daughter enjoys movement, loves playing with other kids and is looking forward to singing and dancing. Whenever I tell her in the morning that we're doing gymnastics this afternoon, she runs through the apartment, clapping her hands.

In the courses the children get to know their body playfully. They gain self-confidence, get in first contact with gym equipment and get to know their limits. We think it's great that there is the "early Elki" gymnastics, because we do not understand why wait until the age of  3 to join the "regular" parent-child-gymnastics..

In addition to the actual gymnastics lesson, a pleasant exchange takes place between the mothers and we can also introduce and discuss any questions about child / education / development.

I can highly recommend the courses by Heike Joas.

Stefanie from Thun

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By chance, I became aware of the First-Step Development course in Basel by Heike Joas on the Internet. As a young mother I wanted to do something with my baby, so I visited the first First-Step course with my 8-week-old son. I did not want to stock up on countless literature on the development of my child and was very happy to hear and practice how to calm my child, what to do when he cries, how to raise him properly, what exercises I can do about it to support development or what use an exercise ball can have. In a continuous course we did exercises for rolling, creeping and crawling.


Only then did I realize how important hand-eye- coordination is or what good balance means and how to do it. My child did not want to crawl and since a private lesson the knot has jumped. I am thrilled that the First-Step concept supports the development of children and does not overstrain the kids. And as Heike describes it, one often leaves the lesson with a tired, sleeping or hungry child. I can warmly recommend this course to all, since the natural and calm nature of Heike gives you the confidence and the necessary confidence for your own child.


Rahel from Allschwil

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The "Early Elki" gymnastics was the discovery of the year last year for us! My son (today 22 months) was and is enthusiastic. I have the impression that he can hardly wait for the Tuesday afternoon. During the week he often says "tuune, tuune" or repeats the names of other children and mothers.


It is a pleasure to watch him run and enjoy the expanse of the gym. But also, how he is very focused when it comes to doing exercises or imitating. And if he or any other child is not so involved, Heike shows how the child can be lovingly returned to the group. I benefit a lot because Heike always says something about mental and physical development or leadership of children.


Patricia from Steffisburg


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